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What do I say? I aspire to have the artsy touch. I have other professions in mind, but I absolutely want to paint. I've never touched a brush before my G10 Year, and after that I fell in love with paint. I'm terrible still but I hope to learn and become like many of the great artists I love here on DA. My favorite are fan arts, landscapes, digital landscapes, animated, and abstract.

I occasionally write when I'm feeling bored and can't draw, so you might see me post something here or there, though it will mostly be short, and probably a character summary. You never know though.
Back with another My Thoughts!
I decided I'll stick with creating miniature stories, by using myself as a character.  Since these are supposed to be derived of MY thoughts, it only makes sense, right?

Anywho, today's subject is:  My Thoughts about the one thing I would do if I was granted one wish.
I know, sounds corny, but I don't like it when people say ask for more wishes.  So I did it honestly and fairly.

My Thoughts about the one thing I would do if I was granted one wish.

    To the boy who has no life outside the digital world, the choice of having,
or doing, that which he cannot is a true mystery, and one hell of a gift.  Some
may say the kid would want all the money there is, or for the fame that will
have him known for centuries and beyond... but this is not the life he wants,
for he has a dream, and following that dream is a passion.  Neither of which
relates to fortune and fame.

    His dream, is but a dream, but to live a life of fantasy.  That which is not,
a life that does not exist.  The various worlds of gaming have touched the
boys heart, enough to make him want to trade places with a world that doesn't
belong.  Life of a hero, within a world where anyone can make something
for themselves, without the many laws and restrictions laid down upon him.

    His passion, is that of culture, but not of his own.  The boy is captivated by
culture of others.  Language, art, history, music, literature, culinary, and more.  
The aspects of lifestyles from different perspectives.  Living life temporarily in the
shoes of someone else, in order to learn their culture.  Just knowing these can
be more than enough for the boy.

    The truth is, this boy would rather follow his passion, than his dream.  Living
a your fantasy no longer makes it a fantasy, and no longer something we strive
for, no longer special to us.  Through sheer desire and hope does the human
work to his fullest to achieve what he may.  While pursuing cultural differences,
new 'worlds' will be opened up to the boy.  Thus, the fantasy that lies within,
may be enhanced with new found knowledge, and may he live said fantasy,
not through his eyes, but through his dreams.

"What I cannot see is infinitely more important to me than what I can see."  -- Duane Michals

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